Handy Tips

Water Mains Stopcock
Make sure that your water mains stopcock works – and that you know where it is, in case of emergencies. 

Isolation Valves

Many households run appliances that use lots of water on a daily basis. These include showers, taps, dishwashers and washing machines. If one of these develops a fault, you could lose a lot of water. Not only will you have a hefty water bill, you could also have a lot of water damage to deal with. To avoid this have isolation valves fitted to your appliances. Turn them off when you go away on holiday – but don’t forget to turn them on again when you get home! They will also make it much easier to manage if the appliance has a fault – you won’t have to stop water to the entire house until it is fixed. 

Blocked Drains

To help prevent drains from blocking, avoid pouring fat or oil down the sink , if its unavoidable make sure that you always rinse away fat, oil and detergents with hot water.  This will help flush away potential blockages and clear out the pipes.

Noisy Pipes

Noisy pipes (sometimes called “water hammer”) can be extremely annoying.   Try fitting a silent ball valve to WC cisterns and storage tanks.  As a quick fix you can also tie the pipes down so they can’t move and rattle.


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